"The new Finance system gives all of us tools and features we’ve never had before. I am especially pleased with its ease of use and flexibility. My sincere thanks to the staff involved in implementing the system - they’ve done a tremendous job in a short amount of time."

Cindy Gilliam
Vice Chancellor, Administration & Finance/CFO

iStar has reached and passed the first major milestone – the launch of the Finance and Supply Chain Management systems occurred on January 4, 2010. The modules contain a number of key components including: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Asset Management, Billing, eBill Pay, Cash Management, Expenses, Purchasing, eProcurement, Strategic Sourcing, eSupplier Connection, eSupplier Contract Mgmt, eSettlements, and Project Costing. Overall, the Go-live was uneventful. There were some GL issues with moving from old budget numbers to new budget numbers which were largely resolved the first few days. Extra resources were brought in to help and LSCS staff are now actively using the new system.

Budgeting Module is Next!
Unlike Colleague where the GL and the Budget use the same module, our new system separatesbudgeting from the General Ledger in a product called "Hyperion." This distinction will be important going forward because Hyperion offers Lone Star much more than simply a budgeting tool. It is a powerful forecasting application with the ability to run financial scenarios and statistical models. Project leaders are excited because Hyperion will be used to create our budget for fiscal year 2010-2011! Training for "subject matter experts" (those who really need to know the system) begins in mid-February, with training for budget-builders occurring in mid-March. Note: Only about 120 Lone Star employees system-wide are involved in building the budget so most of us will not be impacted or need training. But for those of you who will be involved, training is coming – watch for it!

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New Academic & Student Services Tools Coming Soon
Oracle brands its academic and student system tools under the name "Campus Solutions" and they include online modules that support admissions, registration, payments, advising, financial aid and instruction. Project teams have been building the structure since last fall and components will be rolled-out on a scheduled basis over the next 12 months. Of particular importance to faculty and students will be the ability to use the system for spring 2011 classes. Beginning this November, students will use the new system to register for spring term classes and faculty will be able to view their 2011 teaching schedule and class rosters. Also coming this fall is an academic advising tool which will provide online advising information to new and returning Lone Star students. Implementation of Campus Solutions is by far the largest and most important aspect of the new ERP system because it impacts many core business activities. Remember the "i" in iStar! It stands for innovation, information, interaction, inspiration and involvement. Be ready!